The House

Can Magí is a venue dedicated to the celebration of unique events, located in Sant Cugat del Vallés, just 10 minutes away from Barcelona. It offers a suitable environment for any corporate or private event.

The numerous areas that it proposes, with both exteriors and interiors perfectly conditioned, facilitates its adaptation to infinity of stagings.


The gardens

Can Magí has an outdoors landscape of more than 4.000 m2 of grass and centenary trees where you will be able to enjoy a quiet environment for your celebration.



The Glass Room

The old private garden of the house has become a fantastic hall, surrounded by stone walls and paved with Carrara marble. The Glass Hall is formed by a large transparent skylight that allows guests to enjoy the majestic trees and the nights of full moon.



The Celler

Old modernist cellar, crowned by wood and ceramics, that has been reinvented becoming this original environment full of curiosities and unique decorative elements. The large windows give access to the wine vats.



The Orange Trees Patio

From the gardens to the Glass Hall, this unique courtyard presents a stroll with the smell of orange blossom and covered with awnings that allow guests to enjoy an ideal climate.




Can Magí, Avenida de Can Magí, 5 Sant Cugat del Vallès