Laura and Alberto: "It is true that we had some ideas of what we wanted but what we didn't know is that these could be improved, and that is what they gave us in Can Magi, perfection"

Publicado el 05/07/2017

Laura and Alberto knew what they wanted: to share their love with their loved ones, and to throw a big party. Who better than the couple themselves to explain how their big day went :) 

Navin and Sara's Wedding: an Hindu celebration

Publicado el 15/06/2017

Navin, from India, and Sara, a Swedish bride, decided to get married in Can Magi, celebrating with us the second day of a tradition that usually lasts three.

Nuria and Josep's Wedding: Can Magi in Spring

Publicado el 15/06/2017

On April 8th we celebrated in Can Magi a wedding that was specially touching. Two key pieces of our team, Josep and Nuria, said theirs "Yes, I do" in front of the facade of the House. All day, from beginning to end, was organized by Nuria’s children, Guillem and Gerard, who were accompanied by Catering Sensacions’s team at all times. For the bride and groom, their wedding day was a complete surprise.

Can Magi's skylight

Publicado el 12/05/2017

One of the most characteristic and unique aeras of Can Magi is the Crystal Hall.

Can Magí, Avenida de Can Magí, 5 Sant Cugat del Vallès