Nineteenth century historic monument

Can Magí was built in 1878. The venue was initially conceived as a summer house, although a space was also allocated to give more use to the vineyard.

His owner, Dr. Ragull, a member of the Catalan bourgeoisie of Barcelona, ​​commissioned the construction to the master builder Calixto Freixa i Pla.

The drawing of the original project shows the desire to synthesize the classic volume of the typical masia of the Plana del Vallés with the bourgeois summer house. When the construction began, several modifications were introduced and the building lost all initial neoclassical aftertaste, standing openly in modernism.

The alternation in the use of brick and stone gives the whole building a unique chromatic effect. The main facade faces South, overlooking the Tibidabo, and the entire venue is surrounded by 4,000 m2 of lawned gardens and old trees.

Can Magí, Avenida de Can Magí, 5 Sant Cugat del Vallès